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Favorite Cucumber Snack Recipe

This week I’m sharing my new FAVORITE snack recipe. It’s so popular at my house that I make a batch everyday!! It’s super simple, and a yummy way to utilize those CSA cucumbers ! You will need – 1-2 Cucumbers Large Canning Jar Rice Vinegar Sesame seeds Oil (I use sunflower) Salt & Pepper (I […]

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Freeze It!

There isn’t a green on this planet that I don’t love.  Fortunately, my family is with me on this.  I love them raw in salads, wilted with fresh garlic, and blended into smoothies.  My husband loves his cooked well until very tender, or simmered into soups.  What happens when you are blessed with more greens […]

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Strawberry kale Popsicles and low carb Egg, basil and tomato

Strawberry Kale Smoothies (which can be made into popsicles) Place in blender in this order: 1 ripe banana 1/2 avacado 2 cups frozen strawberries (or blueberries, mango, or any frozen fruit of your choice) 2-3 (handfuls)cups approx of fresh kale (or if you have chosen to freeze it this also works well) Push it down to […]

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